SOH 2016: MTL, TO & VAN, You Rocked It!

The fourth edition of Startup Open House featured a record number of participating startups across Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. 500 startups opened their doors to the public, providing an insider’s look at how startups are redefining Canadian entrepreneurship. Across the country, popular startups such as Shopify, Slack, Wealthsimple, Frank & Oak, and Uber welcomed over 8000 participants. Job

Hot Jobs Up for Grabs in #SOH16

By Aoife Geary / Sep 20, 2016 Startup Open House is an initiative that exhibits the brightest and best from the Canadian startup scene. Each event is an opportunity for startups to connect with potential investors, talent and associates. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top positions available at these exciting companies. Netsuite: Senior Software Engineer in

Startup Open House | Startup Alumni Stories

Every year, hundreds of startups participate in Startup Open House. We decided to give them a voice so they can tell you what participating in SOH is really like. From east to west, here’s what some of our startup OGs have to say: Rangle.IO Software Development Agency Glafira Romanovska, Marketing and Events Manager Toronto “Last year during SOH 2015, Rangle

What’s New for SOH 2016

Hey startup enthusiasts! If you haven’t already noticed, tickets are now available for all of our cities and you can get one on our website! They won’t last long so we suggest you get one ASAP! Wait…. what tickets? Are you talking about after party tickets? No we are talking about actual registration to visit startups! For all cities, participants

8 Ways To Host an Awesome SOH

Here are 8 startups across Canada that have provided an evening to remember! Perhaps they can inspire you to go all out when to host this year? 1. Halloween Themed Pumpkins Wattpad @SOH2015 in Toronto In 2015, Startup Open House took place around Halloween and startups didn’t shy away from participating in the spirit of the holiday. Wattpad even