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    44 Screens

    Spécialisée en création de contenu de réalité augmentée (AR) pour le domaine culturel. Ils possèdent un brevet d’une solution qui diminue le poids des fichiers tout en augmentant la qualité de l’image

  • BEEM
    Alexandre Lataille

    Making data useful. For everyone.

  • Les Pitonneux

    We are non-profit talent incubator. LAB12 is our 12 week alternative bootcamp program for self-directed learners who want to become proficient programmers and developers.

  • LEXOP - Because Proof Matters.

    Lexop is the first digital solution to prove document delivery over email, while providing real-time tracking, and ensuring compliance. Disrupting traditional paper-based delivery processes.

  • Stay22

    Stay22 make it easy for event goers to find places to stay near their next event outside of town through an interactive map integrated right on the event organizer or ticketing website. (We're hiring)

  • Diff

    We are an e-commerce agency that focuses on Shopify, with over 6 years experience on the platform and a great team of 30 software engineers. We don't shy away from any problem, everything is possible!

    Ange Lebeni

    Drone City proposes to be a for-profit startup that aims to promote research and use of equipment Robotics with gets energy consumption. solar scooter and drone agriculture for optimisation

  • AppDirect

    We build B2B e-commerce marketplaces that allow millions of small and medium business owners all across the world to find, buy and manage cloud services through local, trusted service providers.

  • Breather

    Breather creates and curates a network of beautiful, on-demand private spaces that you can reserve & unlock via our web and mobile apps. We enable top companies to do more productive and inspired work

  • Ask PAM


  • Asset Designs

    We offer hand printed designs and poetry on sustainably sourced textiles. Asset Designs makes affordable products that minimize our consumer carbon footprint.

  • SpiritEvent

    SpiritEvent creates self-serve automatic cocktails dispenser

  • Ben&Alex

    Ben&Alex is an alternative to traditional catering service. We propose to event planners unique menus specific to each restaurant we partner with.

  • Niveau 2

    We produce bold videos for innovative brands.

  • Koolicar

    A P2P car-sharing service that allows individual car owners to rent out their cars for precise slots of time. Koolicar's technology allows cars to be unlocked securely with a member card or smartphone

  • BinariesLid

    Get a glimpse into the future of research and experience the visualization of information in an innovative way using Microsoft HoloLens technology.

  • BizzFit

    Nous optimisons le capital humain dans les organisations avec nos produits et services personnalisés : Services-Conseils en ressources humaines, conditionnement physique et repas santé.

  • Moose (OctHuber Inc.)

    Moose helps shops and restaurants go further with reinvented loyalty programs and gift cards.

  • Blühen Solutions

    We are a modern and accurate administration solution for medical cannabis patients.

  • Audible Reality

    Audible Reality develops revolutionary 3D audio technology and software enabling the creation of fully immersive, life-like sound for VR, AR, and 360 media.

  • Boozang

    Boozang automate testing of web applications by utilizing the capabilities in the web browser to help distributed teams collaborate and be more productive.

  • BroadSign

    Can you picture Times Square without its iconic billboards? We can’t. That’s why our tech lights up screens across the globe to help brands share their stories more spectacularly than ever before.


    Our mission is to help communities thrive by enabling groups to travel together effortlessly. We’re building the future of group travel by modernizing the charter bus industry and shifting it online.

  • C2RO Robotics

    C2RO offers a robot-agnostic SaaS platform that uses real-time data processing to enable artificial intelligence software solutions for any robot in a fast, secure, scalable and inexpensive way.

  • Trois-Soixante, Web + Marketing

    Chez Trois-Soixante, nous aidons les entreprises à prendre leur envol et à améliorer leur efficacité sur le Web à l’aide de solutions stratégiques, performantes et efficaces.

  • Cloud Conformity

    Cloud Conformity is a market leading software platform helping companies & IT professionals who have invested in the cloud to continuously monitor their AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • Centre Entrepreneuriat PolyUdeM
    Centre Entrepreneuriat PolyUdeM

    Le Centre d’entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM est un OBNL dont la mission est de développer une culture entrepreneuriale et d’innovation à l’Université de Montréal et à Polytechnique Montreal.

  • ODS Medical

    Putting the power of label free molecular imaging and AI directly in hands of surgeons and oncologists, to enable precision clinical decision support at the point of care.

  • Clever Age North America

    Clever Age est une agence d'accompagnement et transformation numérique qui intervient sur l'ensemble de la chaîne numérique : accompagnement stratégique à la création web et mobile, analyse, formation

  • dans le sac
    Dans le sac

    Dans le sac are eco-friendly products created in Quebec that are just as practical as nice for a zero waste way of life!

  • Désirables Expérience Design inc.

    Désirables design glamorous Sex Toys and conscious pleasures accessories. Handmade with love in Montreal, Canada.

  • Dialogue

    A new way for people to access great healthcare: we are building mobile & web apps connecting patients to a network of healthcare professionals. For a healthcare startup, speed & quality are paramount

  • district m

    An open and transparent marketplace for publishers and advertisers to easily connect and maximize on today’s digital advertising demand.

  • District 3 Innovation Center

    District 3 is the largest innovation hub in Montreal, empowering innovators and entrepreneurs with the resources they need to move from idea to impact.

  • Dyze Design

    Dyze Design facilitates end-user and business adoption of 3D printing by developing the core 3D printer components that ensure their optimal use.

  • IDÛ Interactive @Potloc

    We develop KASSIS, an app that allow tourists to live more fun, engaging and enlightening cultural experiences with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences, and Pedagogy.

  • ei3 Technical Services

    ei3 powers Industrial Internet programs with its scalable multi-tenant platform. We connect to industrial devices to gather data, compute analytics and deliver actionable information to users.

  • ENTR
    ENTR Mtl

    Looking for a coworking space for your startup? Need to book a venue for your event next week? Planning a corporate meeting and have nowhere to host it? Compare and find the place you need with Entr.

  • Centech
    Equipe Centech

    Centech is an incubator for technology companies dedicated to hardward and advanced technologies with a focus on the development and commercialization of breakthrough technological innovations.

  • Espace Fabrique, coopérative de solidarité
    espace fabrique

    Espace Fabrique s’identifie comme étant la première coopérative montréalaise offrant un espace de travail collaboratif équipé d’outils et de machines-outils de niveau industrielles.

  • Fabrik8

    Fabrik8 is a coworking space located in the Mile-Ex specifically built for businesses of all sizes. It offers a new kind of work environment based on efficiency, sharing and employees wellbeing.

  • Aliments Racine

    Aliments Racine makes vegan ready to cook foods that are soy free, gluten free and made with organic ingrédients. Atelier V is a coworking kitchen for startups commercializing vegan products.

  • Entralpi

    Intelligent performance analysis system. Come over to test your finger strength with our rock climbing training tool.

  • Fermes Urbaines Ôplant

    Ôplant Urban farms is a Montreal-based company that designed and now operates a unique indoor vertical farm.

  • Office of Ferst Capital Partners, open doors for 3 of our portfolio companies: Covera, Mylo and FerstDigital

    FCP Studio is Canada’s leading FinTech hub and the member startups are disrupting the financial services industry. We hope you’ll stop by to meet the teams!

  • Flow Ventures
    Flow Ventures

    Flow Ventures are experts at SR&ED and other Government Grants

  • Sofdesk

    Sofdesk is a leading software company offering sales acceleration platforms for multiple markets including solar, roofing and utilities.

  • Merinio

    Specialized in human resources management, particularly by automating the replacement lists and centralizing information on employee schedules

  • JITbase

    JITbase ( is a productivity platform that helps plant & operations managers to track and improve manufacturing performance.

  • Rawlin
    Gaultier Vendioux

    At Rawlin, our goal is simple: give students a healthy, environmentally friendly, and affordable food option on campus, while also encouraging the adoption of more sustainable eating habits!

  • Greencopper

    At Greencopper, our dynamic team is constantly pushing the boundaries of web and mobile technologies to provide innovative technology solutions to event organizers, mainly music festivals.

  • GMP LIMS Inc.

    We make and sell laboratory information management systems for test laboratories

  • GOrendezvous

    GOrendezvous allows professionals to offer online appointment booking and simplifies several appointment management tasks. Wondering about an emerging startup in Montreal? Come to see us ツ

  • Unito

    Unito helps teams collaborate by making your work apps sync together. Apps like Asana, Trello, GitHub, Jira, Zendesk and Salesforce now collaborate seamlessly.

  • Guaraná

    Guaraná Technologies is a high quality mobile app design and development agency that focuses on startups. We have developed 71 apps and acquired more than 16 million users.

  • Scolab

    Scolab is a creative and effervescent educational laboratory. We develop the Netmath and Buzzmath applications, which are used by more than 600 000 students!

  • GURU Boisson Énergie Bio

    We believe there’s a smarter way to provide you with good energy to fulfill your greatest dreams and aspirations. Crafting GURU with natural and organic ingredients is how we do it.

  • KARZEN Technologies Inc.

    Provide actionable insights and decisions to automotive owners and professionals services facilities in the aftermarket automotive service, maintenance, and repair industry.

  • Heyday

    We believe AI can enhance human life at scale. And we believe it’s the cornerstone to building better, faster, smarter mobile user experiences for all.

  • Mylo

    First, Mylo automatically rounds up every purchase users make and invests the spare change. Then, once plugged in, let the magic happen.

  • Delve Labs

    Delve Labs is a Montreal-based company specializing in autonomous security solutions development. Our product, Warden, uses ai-based technologies to autonomously test security of large networks.

  • NameShouts

    Pronouncing names, (especially foreign names) is a challenge. NameShouts is an app that helps you pronounce someone's name correctly as they would in their own native language.

  • IProto Technologies inc.
    IProto Technologies

    iProto Technolgies specialize in hardware(IoT), web & mobile app., gaming(VR & AR) and AI. We provide a low cost & fast prototyping services for startups to find financing and clients without stress.

  • MySmartJourney

    Une solution technologique de tracking et d’analyse du comportement de vos clients pour améliorer la gestion de vos opérations et développer l’expérience client.

  • GradeSlam
    Jacob GradeSlam

    GradeSlam provides students with unlimited one-on-one online tutoring for any subject, at any time.

  • mnubo

    mnubo is an IoT Data Analytics and AI company that extracts actionable insights from connected product data - product usage & performance, operational efficiencies, customer engagement, etc!

  • Irystec Software Inc.
    Jason Sellors

    IRYStec is Refining the viewing experience by reducing eye strain, improving visibility, increasing safety for drivers and saving power on any display based device.

  • aerial

    Aerial owns a patented technology targeted for smart homes that use standard WiFi signals to detect presence, identify people and recognize activities. This is achieved with a single sensor per home.

  • Samsao

    We are tech advisors and partners which mission is to help our clients achieve their digital transformation by building cutting-edge digital products that are true to their brands.

  • Esplanade Montréal

    L'Esplanade is an accelerator and a coworking space specialised in entrepreneurship and social innovation! Discover our Impact Community :)

  • Wineout

    Wineout develops mobile applications to make wine learning more enjoyable. Our first mobile app, Vegas Tasting, allows users to learn to taste with a game that is both fun and competitive

  • Collage

    Collage is an all-in-one digital HR and benefits platform built for Canadian businesses.

  • Kids Code Jeunesse

    Kids Code Jeunesse is a not for profit organization dedicated to giving every Canadian child the chance to learn computational thinking and to code.


    Keatext’s technology mimics human comprehension of text to deliver – in seconds – customizable reports that help strategic managers across the organization to make the right CX decisions faster!


    KFFEIN is a Montreal web production agency that stands out for its inspiration and audacity. We are specialized in front-end and back-end development, mobile development and animation.

  • Evey

    The world’s first smart home personal assistant! Live each day simpler with a companion that knows how to set the right tone for every mood and moment, always adapting to improve your lifestyle.

  • Lab culturel

    Le Lab culturel de Culture pour tous est un incubateur de projets culturels numériques innovants initié dans le cadre du Plan culturel numérique du Québec.

  • FrontFundr
    Laurence Audette-Lagueux

    FrontFundr is the bridge that connects investors and entrepreneurs. We use today’s technology to enable entrepreneurs to raise money from a much larger investor community.

  • Leadweb

    We are a dev-shop and accelerator specialized in the design, financing, and creation of B2B applications in the field of Blockchain, AI, Big Data and IoT.

  • Le Wagon Montréal

    Le Wagon brings technical skills to creative people and entrepreneurs within 23 cities around the world. This 9-week coding bootcamp gives the ability to build a prototype of any idea you might have.

  • Lighthouse Labs

    Lighthouse Labs' Coding Bootcamp will take you from programming hobbyist to professional Developer and will launch your new coding career.

  • Lockbird

    We scare birds away from strategic areas such as airports, farm fields or landfills. We do so using laser technology and artificial intelligence.

  • Time Code Lab


  • Magneto
    Zoe Gagnon Paquin

    Magnéto a pour mission de faire rayonner la culture par l'audio ainsi que de contribuer au développement de la création sonore et radiophonique au Québec par le biais des nouveaux outils numériques.

  • Maison Notman House

    Notman House is a tech hub which provides a physical campus that nurtures the Montreal Startup Ecosystem by supporting its individual members while creating opportunities for community collaboration.

  • Busbud

    Busbud is the bus travel booking app and website with the largest sellable coverage. Users can search, compare and buy tickets from hundreds of bus companies across the world.

  • Novartem

    Online marketplace that allow artisans to offer custom good creation.

  • Technologies RideMetry

    Please see :

  • CorpoBids

    Online Reverse Auctions for Meetings & Events. First time hotels & venues compete directly for your business online!

  • Fourwaves

    Knowledge events gather people to share novel research and ideas. Fourwaves provides awesome tools to support these events! Join our team!

  • eNuvio inc.

    Utilizing state-of-the-art microfabrication techniques, eNuvio is developing lab-on-a-chip devices to facilitate the life science research process and accelerate drug discovery and development.

  • exagens

    Max is the future of conversational agents. AI, behavioral analytics and machine learning enable Max to autonomously connect banks with people in ways which resonate with their needs and aspirations.

  • Sharebee
    Maxime Villemure

    Sharebee is the new peer-to-peer platform for shared storage and parking.

  • Labeo Technologies

    Labeo Technologies is a biomedical engineering company offering products and tailored design solutions for pre-clinical and clinical research.

  • Défi Montréal - Entrepreneurs à succès

    Startups, coaches and investors of Quebec's largest Accelerator: Investor's speech at 2pm, cocktail & startups pitches at 5pm Accelerate financing, get traction online and grow at

  • Mélio
    Jean-Philippe Bisson

    Mélio est une entreprise agroalimentaire émergente qui innove au niveau des produits alimentaires performants et écoresponsables.

  • AmpMe

    We believe music brings people together and can make the world a better place, so we're working hard to create the perfect portable sound system using devices you already have on hand wherever you go!


    We engage with audiences by combining powerful content & massive reach to influence their cravings. We are a full-service Influencer Marketing & Content Creation agency.

  • Mobeewave

    Mobeewave's vision is to enable you to accept money for anything, anywhere from anyone using your phone.


    Turning data into diamonds.

  • Evio Inc.

    Evio Inc. is a startup that works in the field of food packaging of natural origin and that can extend the life of food.

  • M Ta Region

    Spécialisée dans la promotion des bonnes adresses touristiques du Québec et de l’achat local. M ta Région permet au grand public de s’abonner pour profiter de privilèges exclusifs pendant un an dans u

  • MTLab

    MT Lab is an innovation hub, dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurship and innovation specifically in the tourism, culture and entertainment sectors

  • MTLex | Boutique juridique

    We are three lawyers offering services in Business Start-Up, Commercial and Business Law, Litigation, and Labour Law. We aim to be modern, professional and accessible for our clients. Let's meet!

  • Naak

    Energy Bars made with Cricket Powder

  • Nectar

    Nectar offers an apiary management platform to help beekeepers keep their honey bees thriving, using sensors and artificial intelligence.

  • Neoshop Montréal

    We are a mobile store dedicated to innovative hardware products (B2C) from across Quebec! Our mission is to democratize innovation and also help startups grow and excel at commericialization.

  • Nok Nok CAFE

    Nok Nok CAFE is a web and mobile application that allows individuals to open their home based coffee shop and host local and international visitors while generating an additionnal income.

  • NOVAlex

    NOVAlex offers business law services to established businesses and accompanies eligible low-income individuals, non-profit organizations and start-ups on a pro bono basis.

  • AlayaCare

    AlayaCare is a provider of revolutionary home care workforce management platform used to provide 6 000+ patient visits a day leveraging machine learning to improve outcomes.

  • Corstem

    Corstem is a Montreal-based artificial intelligence software developer specialized in real-time medical data analysis and computer vision.

  • Projet Papineau

    La musique du Québec et du Canada. Tous styles, toutes époques. En numérique

  • Wilder & Harrier

    We find innovative proteins and incorporate them into food for your dog. The result is a product that does wonders for the planet and the health of your canine companion.

  • AEPONYX Inc.

    AEPONYX is a fabless micro optical switch semiconductor chips designer and manufacturer. AEPONYX chips are targeted at fiber optic access to the Cloud and optical switching in the Cloud.

  • Greencopper

    Greencopper delivers innovative mobile apps and web widgets to over 300 music festivals in 30 countries, which are real technological playgrounds! We are also behind the SaaS

  • phare36

    Marketing automation for the masses!

  • Incubateur JAB

    The JAB Incubator hosts technological and scientific startups by students and researchers from Polytechnique Montréal and the Université de Montréal

  • Philomec

    Philomec offers consulting and incubation services in the field of biomedical engineering (design, modeling, optimization, manufacturing and marketing preparation)

  • TapClicks

    We aggregate data from 100+ data sources like the AdWords and Facebook Ads APIs and build unified dashboards for ad agencies and their clients, showing data from multiple sources in one place.

  • Pixel Guru Inc

    Product photography is not your cup of tea and opening a budget to hire a pro photographer is not in the plan. No worries, there is Pixel Guru, the most advanced photo capture app for businesses.

  • Quartier de l'Innovation

    The Quartier de l’Innovation (QI) is an innovation ecosystem in the heart of Montréal that aims to boost the city’s potential for creativity.

  • Quadbridge

    Quadbridge Inc. is a leading-edge, full-service IT Solution partner that specializes in hardware and software supply to medium and large enterprise clients in both the U.S. and Canada.

  • Le Coffret de Rachel

    Rachel’s Box is an e-com company. We offer a new way of buying an accessory that we all need in our wardrobe: Tights. In addition to the on-line shop, we have a personalized subscription model.

  • Real Ventures
    Real Ventures

    Real Ventures is the leading source of seed stage capital in Canada. Established in 2007, we've invested in over 150 companies across three funds.

  • Retrigo

    Retrigo is an online marketplace that provides health and wellness retreats worldwide. Retrigo was launched 10 months ago, and at this moment we have 175 retreats in 23 countries.

  • Chronogolf

    Chronogolf provides innovative cloud based software and marketing solutions to 400+ golf courses across 5 continents. We also provide a marketplace where 10 million rounds have been booked in 3 years.

  • Pharonyx

    Pharonyx develops K-Ops, a cloud-based web & mobile tool used for tracking and managing evidence of execution progress on ANY construction project worldwide.

  • Maxen Technology
    Samue Nadeau-Piuze

    Our team puts together technological solutions to optimizes buildings energy efficiency. MAXEN enable companies to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Scholarly

    Scholarly is an edtech company building a platform that matches students with scholarships, and lets them apply directly through the site.

  • SherWeb

    SherWeb is a world leader in cloud computing. Our technical team works in a dynamic, stimulating environment and excels at using the latest technologies in the IT field.

  • Shopify
    Shopify Montreal

    We focus on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products.

  • Skydel

    SDX develops SDX, an innovative GPS/GNSS simulator. It brings to the simulation market innovative features in a super flexible and user-friendly package.

  • Smooch Technologies Inc

    Smooch is enabling the next wave of messaging and changing the way business and consumers communicate.

  • Soothe

    Soothe is a Chrome extension backed by sentiment analysis designed to help people browse the web without seeing malicious content.

  • Portrait Sonore

    Portrait Sonore creates walking documentaries rich in content and sound textures. Its main goal : to bridge the gap between those who think and create the city, and those who live there.

  • Centerfold

    Online art marketplace using 3D technology to bring the gallery experience to our users homes

  • SPARK Microsystems
    SPARK Microsystems

    SPARK Microsystems is bringing to market a high performance wireless transceiver that allows for orders of magnitude improved power consumption and latency while providing higher data rates.

  • Station Service
    Station Service

    Local designer's clothing and accessories rental.

  • Streamscan Inc.

    StreamScan développe des solutions avancées de cyber sécurité pour une protection optimale contre les cyber menaces.

  • SweetIQ by ReachLocal

    SweetIQ is an industry leading location-based marketing analytics and automation company. The company delivers software for multi-location brands, marketing agencies, and SMB resellers.

  • Culture Creates

    Culture Creates provides technology for its cooperative members (arts organizations, institutions, artists, presenters and stakeholders alike).

  • Thermo Transcal

    Processes for reduction of CO2 emissions. Innovative heat exchangers up to 8 times more efficient, fully modular, scalable and very safe, for a large scale of industries.

  • Technohub Montréal
    Technohub Montreal

    The Technohub digital economy centre is a dynamic co-working space that facilitates the development of innovative and dynamic ICT companies.

  • The Blank Agency

    The Blank Agency is a full service digital strategy firm headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Currently a team of ten, we work with a focus on design and growth. Our portfolio of services cover commerci

  • TickSmith

    Leader in Hadoop-based Big Data applications for Capital Markets. Its platform helps trading groups and exchanges accumulate, transform, analyse and disseminate financial data from multiple sources.

  • Concured

    Concured uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse people’s behavior towards content marketing, at scale, in order to prescribe what content marketers should create next to maximize engagement & ROI.


    une tranche de pain

  • Transit

    Get you from a-to-b without a car.

  • Ulule

    Empowering world changing creators and project holders.

  • 3lectromode

    Small and light the synapseWear wearable device includes 6 sensors to capture your motion and environmental data.

  • Vention

    Vention is the first and only digital manufacturing platform dedicated to Machine Design. The startup is only 12 months old but already serves clients such as Tesla, GE, Bombardier, and several others

  • VR Tracker
    VR Tracker

    We are a Virtual Reality startup that has developed a tracking system. We allow anyone to create large scale social experiences in virtual reality. It's like playing laser tag, but in VR.

  • WeWork L'Avenue

    Come join us at WeWork, the biggest coworking community space in the world, to visit some of our members who are opening their doors to you: - Skydel - Image Motion - ...and more!

  • WeWork Place Ville Marie

    Make a life. Not just a living.


    We are an online drop shipping platform specializing in both the wholesale and B2C markets. We are based in Canada, US and many countries in Europe.

  • SmartHalo

    SmartHalo is building the operating system for the future of transport: bikes. Our minimalist circular interface installs on your handlebar and pairs with your smartphone to help you bike smarter.

  • Spotfields

    Anyone who wants to play soccer can come to our platform and find a game to play in real life with a professional referee wherever and whenever he wants.

  • Mr. Young

    Mr. Young is a conversational agent, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to help people cope with anxiety. Focus on education, access to care, and prevention of chronic anxiety.

  • YPC Technologies Inc.

    We build robots and 3d print!

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